All the money that we raise with Schnauzerfest goes towards paying for veterinary care and the rehabilitation of dogs saved from puppy farms and other breeding facilities.

The dogs we help have been confined in sheds, barns, kennels and places where little or no care is provided. Just the minimum to keep them alive and productive. When rescued, many are emaciated, have multiple infections, hairloss, rotten teeth and mouths, untreated tumours, and other signs of serious neglect. Some, like Twinklet, or River, or Merlin have life threatening injuries, neurological disease, broken bones and blindness.

Shockingly, puppy farms are often licensed and operating legally. Puppy buyers may be completely unaware of the suffering the dogs endure when they buy their puppies. The puppy business is extremely lucrative and those involved know how to deceive puppy buyers and under resourced, overstretched authorities.

The harm that this end of the breeding industry inflicts on dogs is a great disgrace. One that’s only possible because puppy buyers are continuing to provide a ready market.

It’s vital that educating puppy buyers is done by all of us who have any knowledge about puppy farming.

If you are considering getting a new dog, or would like to know more, we recommend the following resources:

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