Gertie arrived into the care of DBARC shortly before the Schnauzerfest 2018 weekend. She was one of several dogs taken in by the centre, all requiring specialist care, including cataract surgery. Gertie had lived totally blind in the puppy farm from where she was saved, for how long no-one can be sure. But with the expertise of many, and the fundraising of Schnauzerfest, Gertie had successful double cataract surgery and is living a fully sighted life with her new family.

You can read more about her life here


UPDATE 19.01.19

Gertie settled quickly into living a fun life with her brothers Leo and Henry. Just before Christmas they were all joined by Violet, who like Gertie spent time receiving extensive care at the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre.


Although both Gertie and Violet come from tough, neglectful backgrounds in the puppy industry, and have experienced many challenges both physically and emotionally, Gertie is finding adjusting to being a regular dog, in a loving home smoother than Violet. In fact, Gertie is determined to grasp life with all paws, enjoy it as fully and richly as she can and is providing a lot of smiles along the way.