Schnauzerfest is a nationwide collection of walks for schnauzers, their humans and other canine friends. From small walks to larger ones, each takes place with two aims – FUN and FUNdraising.

Through donations made to join a walk, and other fundraising activities, Schnauzerfest raises money for the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) based in Berkshire. This rescue provides loving care and veterinary treatment for many animals that have experienced the terrible conditions of puppy farms and other rough backgrounds. Many of these dogs require expensive treatment before they can be found loving homes.

DBARC uses funds raised by Schnauzerfest to provide a perfect sanctuary and veterinary treatment for schnauzers that come to them through the year. Schnauzerfest is a way of thanking DBARC for this and helping them to continue their work with all the animals in their care.

As well as raising money for rescue dogs, at the heart of Schnauzerfest is a commitment to raising awareness of the cruel world of puppy farming.

Janetta & Susie-Belle

Janetta & Susie-Belle

Schnauzerfest is the creation of writer Janetta Harvey who adopted Susie-Belle, a schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy farm and fostered for 6 months at DBARC. Janetta writes extensively on the puppy industry, including 3 books based on her experiences of adopting several dogs from this background.

Janetta donates all her royalties from her books to Schnauzerfest.

In 2018, along with her creative partner Annabel Wilson, she published a charity book for children, ‘Did Somebody Say Walk?’ which is sold to raise funds for Schnauzerfest and DBARC.

FUNDS raised for schnauzerfest

Every penny goes towards helping dogs from puppy farms receive the care they need at DBARC:

  • 2014 = £7,702

  • 2015 = £16,055

  • 2016 = £24,262

  • 2017 = £26,354

  • 2018 = £52,123

In 5 years, Schnauzerfest has raised £126,496!