“Only Bronwyn will truly know the horrors she endured at the puppy farm, however we see the evidence of what it’s left her with everyday. The resistance to walk through doorways, not coming up to us if we’re stood full height; cowering if we get too close; noises we all take for granted that frighten her and make her run off to her safe place; never wanting to sit near us, always metres away; not playing with toys; not understanding the joys of a walk.”

That’s Bronwyn’s mum Louise explaining the challenges faced by Bronwyn in her new home. When she first arrived at DBARC, Brownyn was blinded by cataracts. With the help of Schnauzefest donations, her sight has been restored and she lives with her new schnauzer brother Wilson. Like most dogs from her tough background, she has everything to learn about being a normal dog, living a regular life, not as a breeding machine in a cruel, barren puppy farm.

With time, love, patience and understanding, day by day Bronwyn is putting her horrible past behind her and slowly starting to embrace her new life. But it will take time but being able to begin her new life without blindness and the challenges that alone brings, is what Schnauzerfest is all about for dogs like Bronwyn.


UPDATE: In July 2018, Bronwyn jointly won the Susie-Belle Memorial Award at the DBARC Fun Day, an award for puppy farm survivors. You can read more about Bronwyn’s journey and what the award meant on this LINK.

In late Autumn 2018, Bronwyn and Wilson were joined by their new adopted brother Aston, who, like Bronwyn was saved from a life of breeding and found sanctuary and love for the first time in his life at DBARC.

Louise with Bronywn, Wilson and Aston, December 2018

Louise with Bronywn, Wilson and Aston, December 2018