Mila is one of 6 schnauzers recently taken into the safe sanctuary of the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre having been rescued from puppy farms. Mila is severely underweight, has a huge mammary tumour and will need at least one of her damaged eyes removing. It’s badly infected and since she was vet assessed on Friday she’s been on antibiotics and pain relief. It must be the first time in her life that anyone has cared about her, soothed her and eased her pain.

Mila, in her cosy onesie enjoying the winter sun at DBARC, in her first weekend with the team.

Mila, in her cosy onesie enjoying the winter sun at DBARC, in her first weekend with the team.

But, it’s hoped that her other eye can be saved and in due course, sight in it restored. However, before Mila can get to that specialist treatment, her weight needs to be increased with good nutrition and special dietary care, her tumour removed, and her infected ears and rotten teeth dealt with. All of this is entirely preventable, all of this is down to severe neglect in the puppy farm.

For now, she is enjoying her first days of freedom being surrounded by humans who care, and who will devote themselves to providing everything she needs so that one day she can go on to live a normal, pain-free life. One free from cruelty and neglect, one rich in love and kindness.

In the video below, taken today, we see waggy tails and an obvious wish to enjoy the treats, the fresh air, the understanding human and canine company she is surrounded by now.

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FEBRUARY 20th 2019


Mila’s treatment continued after she had her infected, damaged eye removed - with a detached retina she would have lived with a lot of untreated pain in the puppy farm - and a large mammary tumour was removed. She went home with DBARC manager, Janet to recover and enjoyed a good few days of love, care and being around her DBARC canine and human family. Mila’s big personality shone through despite everything she had been through in the puppy farm, and the unbearable suffering she had been subjected to over several years. Everyone meeting Mila fell in love with this frail, very poorly dog with a huge character and it was hoped that although her health was a major concern, she would, with all the specialist and dedicated care being provided, eventually recover and get to enjoy a healthy, happy life. She very clearly wanted to make the most of what life was now offering her.

However, despite everyone’s best efforts and Mila’s fighting spirit, on 20th February she took a serious turn for the worse. The years of neglect and cruelty inflicted on this innocent soul proved too much for her and the heartbreaking decision was made to release her from any further suffering.

If there is any comfort at all from this terribly sad ending for such a wonderful characterful dog, it is that she died in the knowledge of what love is, she’d been showered with it since arriving at DBARC and she was in Janet’s loving arms at the end.

Mila tucked up safely in her foster home, recovering from surgery.

Mila tucked up safely in her foster home, recovering from surgery.

Mila’s story is one that is typical for thousands of dogs who are caught up in today’s cruel and wicked puppy business.

If her health had been given attention sooner, if the puppy farmer had released her earlier, she may well have been able to overcome the multiple problems she faced. She certainly showed that that she wanted to enjoy her life once she knew that it was hers to enjoy. She made a huge impact on everyone who met her whilst she was with DBARC, and although her time was short, the memory of Mila will live on for a very long time and we know that Janet for one will never forget this special dog.