Mara, recovering well a few days after receiving cataract surgery on both eyes

Mara, recovering well a few days after receiving cataract surgery on both eyes

When Mara arrived into the care of the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre she had up until that point in her life known only neglect. For her years had been spent in a puppy farm, where little to no care would have been provided and her existence was all about her producing puppies at maximum profit to the puppy farmer.

Like many dogs from similar backgrounds, the toll this life has taken is high. She’s extremely nervous of humans, in part because she just won’t have encountered many, and certainly not any who really care about her. It’s also likely that those who she did have any contact with may have mistreated her. When it comes to life in puppy farms, it’s a brutal existence for dogs.

So, Mara has everything to learn about being a regular dog, and her weeks spent with the DBARC team will ensure she makes an excellent start on this before heading off to the rest of her life with her adoptive family. Before she can do so, DBARC have ensured her cataracts have been treated. This involves specialist surgery and comes at a high financial cost - one that’s worth every penny and one that Schnauzerfest fundraising has been making possible for dogs like Mara since 2014.

For a dog from a puppy farm background, who is faced with a lot of challenges adjusting to living with humans, restoring their eyesight is one of the biggest gifts they can have. This is what donations to Schnauzerfest achieve.

Manager of DBARC, Janet told us a few days after Mara’s surgery how she was adjusting to being able to see again,

Mara’s doing really well after her surgery. She comes forward for her treats faster now she can see them! She’s not keen on her drops, but hopefully we can reduce them after her check up on Tuesday which will please her greatly.

As it turned out, at her check up, Mara’s eyes weren’t doing quite as well as hoped. An ulcer had formed and further treatment and tweaking of drops and medications was needed. It’s never easy to predict how well such operations will go, especially with dogs from neglectful backgrounds. But, with all the care and attention it’s possible to offer this sweet dog, it’s hoped a good recovery and great future with restored vision will happen. She is certainly in the best possible hands.



Mara’s recovery from her eye surgery has progressed well and she is doing brilliantly. She will be going off to her new home shortly, with an experienced family who adopted their first puppy farm rescue dog in 2009 and have gone on to adopt others. Mara will have a wonderful new life, with beautiful Hereford countryside, and good walks around her. Restoring her eyesight will make her transition to living a regular life of a normal dog, much smoother than if DBARC had not been able to fund this. This is why every Schnauzerfest donation matters. Every single penny makes this kind of outcome possible.