When Trixie arrived into foster care with DBARC manager Janet, she was distressingly thin, emaciated and had obviously been seriously neglected in her life. But, and this is the complete miracle of dogs, despite everything she had endured in the puppy farm, she was a happy, loving dog right from day one with Janet.

Her medical needs were many.


The DBARC team kicked into action and Trixie was nourished, nurtured and loved to the point of good health. When she was well enough to have her eyes assessed and operated on, she underwent cataract surgery on one eye. Unfortunately for Trixie, it was not successful - this happens and it is always upsetting the to the DBARC team who devote themselves to ensuring the animals in their care get off to the very best starts in their new lives. Restoring their eyesight is one big hurdle to get over.

However, despite the setback for Trixie, she still enjoyed a rich, happy life and even while she had multiple setbacks to her health, each time she bounced back with a determination that impressed everyone who knew her. She was a deeply loved dog.

Sadly, Trixie lost her final battle in the summer of 2016 and the decision was made to let her slip off peacefully, pain free, and in the loving arms of those who loved this most unique, beautifully spirited and loving dog.

Trixie with DBARC team member, Alice - Summer 2016

Trixie with DBARC team member, Alice - Summer 2016