George was born blind with cataracts and micropthalmia, which is tiny eyeballs. He was operated on and initially it was successful. The surgery was complicated and specialist due to the size of his eyes. He could see for the first time ever in his life and although his vision was limited it was lovely to see him play ball.

Sadly, the good news didn’t last and at 7 months George suddenly developed glaucoma. He was rushed to the vets and had his right eye removed. His left eye was also affected by glaucoma but as it was milder it was saved by a successful and incredible operation at the Animal Health Trust. Essentially the surgery opened up his pupil and removed some of the cataract which had begun to develop again.

UPDATE: George has 8 drops per day into his remaining eye which keeps the pressure stable. Despite only having a pinhead size pupil he amazes everyone, not least his vets who describe his vision as being only light and dark as if looking through a tunnel, yet he still manages to play his favourite game, football.