Carol and her family adopted Anya having fallen in love with her while volunteering for DBARC. Anya settled brilliantly into her new family and while she had to have one eye removed due to glaucoma Carol says this has not set her back at all,

“You honestly would think she still had both her eyes when you see her tearing around the house up and down the stairs with a teddy skimming the door frames teasing her brother and sisters. She jumps on the beds and the chairs as if they are hers with no issues. The only time she gets worried is if someone she doesn't know comes too close or too quick at her. Or when we are out walking the cars rush past her and she just stops in her tracks and will not move. But, once they’ve past by she's happy to move on.

Our Anya is full of beans and just loves life. She is a real pleasure to have in our home and family.”