Bumble and Bee

Two little puppies were taken in by DBARC. Both had been born with one fused back leg each (as a result of indiscriminate breeding). On the expert advice of the veterinary staff, both boys had their damaged legs amputated. This did not hamper them at all and they are doing really well recovering in the loving, experienced foster care of DBARC member, Julie and her family.

They'll soon enough be running about and able to enjoy a safe, pain-free future as beautiful tripaws.


The care they're getting is made possible through the generosity of everyone who supports Schnauzerfest. THIS is what we're about, making futures safe for the dogs, and helping them have the best lives possible in the new homes that DBARC find for them.

UPDATE: May 2016, sure enough the boys were soon running around loving their 3-legged lives as this video shows:

UPDATE December 2018:

We asked Bumble and Bee’s mum to tell us how her boys were getting along, two and half years after losing their legs.

They are just wonderful! They are fit and healthy, and full of energy. They never stop! Having three legs doesn’t stop them at all; they can run and jump up just like any other dog. Everyone who meets them is always impressed at how fast they are on three legs! They are very ‘chatty’; they love nothing more than to go in the garden and woof at the wildlife in the field behind our house - deer, foxes, birds, they’ll say hello to pretty much anything! They are an absolute joy; they have changed our lives in so many ways, we adore them. They are such funny, happy boys.

Reading this, we know all this is possible through the dedication of the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre and donations made to Schnauzerfest to support their work.

Bumble and Bee pictured December 2018

Bumble and Bee pictured December 2018