Ginty was blind when rescued and we heard about her right in the midst of Schnauzerfest 2016. As the fundraising was going well, through the efforts of many, starting with her initial rescuer Linda, we were able through a network of volunteers to get her to DBARC for eye surgery.

When she arrived she was scared, confused and had obviously had a life of deprivation and breeding. But despite all this, Ginty was the gentlest, most trusting soul and it was clear she wanted to love, and be loved by humans.

Ginty spent a long time with the DBARC team, recovering from eye surgery, gaining confidence and learning to live in a home, something that it was certain she had never done before. She captured everyone’s heart, especially foster mum and DBARC manager, Janet’s. Luckily the perfect home was found for Ginty with a local family. She lives happily and regularly gets to visit her DBARC family and friends. A great win-win situation for all concerned.

Ginty epitomises what is spectacularly special about Schnauzerfest: through dedication and teamwork including everyone taking part in the weekend of walks and fundraising, her life radically changed from being a blind, dumped breeding dog, to one of unlimited love and joy. Ginty is living happily in Berkshire, enjoying the fullest life possible.