Meme is described by her adoptive mum Kim as a little ray of sunshine. Despite coming from a rough life in a puppy farm where no love and little care would have been available, Meme from the moment she arrived at DBARC showed that she had every intention of enjoying the life she now had to its fullest. Everyone who meets Meme falls in love and she gives back that love in spades.

Like many of the dogs DBARC take in from these backgrounds, Meme had serious problems with her eyesight and before she could be put up for adoption, DBARC arranged for cataract surgery on her right eye. This specialist surgery is expensive and it is what donations to Schnauzerfest help to provide.

Her mum tells us,

“Meme was very insecure in the beginning and needed to be close ALL of the time. She needs close contact and I am more than happy for her to be a lap dog. There’s nothing lovelier than having cuddles from my girl of an evening, in the morning, all night, in fact whenever she needs it!”

Meme was spayed and had a full dental which resulted in the removal of several teeth. Rotten teeth and infected mouths are a common problem dogs face from puppy farms. Meme has been left with a dribble, but this doesn’t bother her. She has a secret nickname as a result, ‘rusty beard’!

When she arrived in her new home, her new sister Molly the Collie (also a DBARC adoptee) soon taught her how to bark - good going Molly - and her mum says toilet breaks are fast affairs in the garden as Meme rushes back to the door, barks and gets back on a cuddle lap!

UPDATE: In July 2017 Alice joined Meme, adopted from DBARC from a similar background. They are inseperable sisters and act as one another’s comfort blankets! Both dogs adore their walks, their home and they have learnt fast that life is good.

Meme and sister Alice, Christmas 2017

Meme and sister Alice, Christmas 2017